Guide to a Boston Summer

Summer in Boston is here, and it’s time for fun! There are so many amazing opportunities to enjoy this summer, right in your backyard or a few hours away. Whether you want to explore the outdoors or enjoy fun times at home, we’ve got you covered!

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Each image leads to either a full guide and list of local spots you’ll want to hit, or to an article with details on a summer outing or activity for you or your kids. Click on each image to find more info. Happy Summer!

Boston’s Best Bagels

It IS possible to find a great chewy, crusty, flavorful bagel in Boston. Which is your favorite?

Boston's Best Bagels, Boston Moms Blog

I Scream, You Scream :: 15 of Boston’s Best Ice Cream Shops

Did your favorite make our list? What’s your favorite spot for a sweet treat?

15 of Boston's Best Ice Cream Shops

The Al Fresco Family :: 8 of Boston’s Best Kid-Friendly Outdoor Dining Spots

In the summer, the patios are open and it’s time to dine outside! Here are some of our top picks for the whole family!

The Al Fresco Family :: 8 of Boston's Best Kid-Friendly Outdoor Dining Spots - Boston Moms Blog

Greater Boston Breweries to Take Your Kids to (and a Few to Visit Alone)

Some great local breweries are very kid friendly.  Or enjoy a day date!

Boston breweries - Boston Moms Blog
high tea - Boston Moms Blog

Of Pint Glasses and Sippy Cups :: Family-Friendly Irish Pubs in Greater Boston

The Boston area is packed with great Irish pubs, and many are very family friendly. Enjoy a beer with your significant other while the kids enjoy their meal.

Of Pint Glasses and Sippy Cups :: Family-Friendly Irish Pubs in Greater Boston - Boston Moms Blog
coffee shops in Boston - Boston Moms Blog

Ten Must-Eat Doughnuts in Boston

We don’t care if they are super trendy — doughnuts are delicious. We have 10 picks for the best doughnuts around!

Ten MUST EATDonuts in Boston featured - Boston Moms Blog (1)

2017 Boston Food Festivals

It’s time to try something new and delicious!

6 Toddler-Friendly Brunch Spots in Cambridge and Beyond

The days of late boozy brunches may be a thing of the past, but you can still have your mimosa and drink it too at one of these great kid-friendly brunch spots.


Drinking Rosé All Day

It’s light, crisp and refreshing-what’s your favorite bottle of rosé?

Drinking Rosé All Day - Boston Moms Blog

Recipe for Summer Days :: Watermelon, Cucumber and Feta Salad

A light and refreshing salad that the kids can help.  No cooking required!

Watermelon salad

5 Not-So-Hidden Arlington Restaurant Gems

Heading to the Arlington area? Here are five kid-friendly spots the whole family can enjoy!


Terrific Children’s Theaters in Boston

There are wonderful shows for all ages in every community.

Terrific Children's Theatres in Boston

Best Boston-Area Beaches for Kids

Grab the kids and hit the beach!

Boston beaches - Boston Moms Blog

Beaches Within an Hour of Boston

How lucky are we that we don’t have to travel far for a beach day?

Beaches Within an Hour of Boston - Boston Moms Blog
gardening with kids - Boston Moms Blog
Splish Splash :: A Guide to Boston-Area Swimming Pools - Boston Moms Blog
Summer Swim Safety - Boston Moms Blog

Camp Grandparent :: A Few Fun Ways to Spend a Day

You don’t have to be a grandparent to enjoy these fun activities. From ice cream to painting pottery, there are so many ways to spend a few hours.

Camp Grandparent :: A Few Fun Ways to Spend a Day - Boston Moms Blog

5 Super Boston-Area Splash Pads — and How to Find More

Grab your bathing suit and towel, and go enjoy one of the many splash pads and parks in the area!


5 Easy Play-at-Home Ideas for $5

There will be days you want to stay home and relax. Have fun on the cheap, and get creative!

Play at home

Playground Etiquette :: Make Your Next Trip a Walk in the Park

Be safe and have fun at one of the many parks in the Boston area.


We are so lucky to live close to a little bit of everything. Get out and explore local or a little bit further away with a great day trip for the whole family!

Welcome to Massachusetts Federal Tax Hikes on the Horizen photo flicker
Family day trips
day tripping through new england
Our Impromptu Day in Boston

Boston Summer 2017 Bucket List

Time for lazy evenings spent on the porch, getting outside and exploring new places, and fun with family. There is so much to do all over Boston and beyond, and we’ve got a great list to keep you busy every day and night! What’s on your “must do” list for the summer?

2017 Summer Camp Guide

We have camps for every age, from day camps to overnight camp. Check it out and make some great summer plans!


Traveling with Kids :: Airplane Etiquette

Whether it’s your first flight with your kids or they’re seasoned travelers, make sure you don’t drive your fellow passengers crazy.

Traveling with Kids: Airplane Etiquette - Boston Moms Blog

7 Tips for Traveling in Hotels With a Toddler

A night or a week stay in a hotel room seems really daunting, but with some thought and planning, it’s very easy and fun!

Toddler Travel Tips

Travel Do’s and Don’ts with a Toddler

How do you survive travel with a toddler?

boy looking out window at a plane: travel do's & don'ts with a toddler

Farmers Market Roundup

Check out these 10 spots in and around Boston to get fresh produce and local products — and enjoy the great outdoors!

Berry Picking near Boston

We picked 14 spots east of 495 to get sweet, delicious berries!

Berry Picking Near Boston - Boston Moms Blog

What Is a CSA and What Am I Doing?

Have you considered joining a CSA?

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