Your 2022 Word of the Year :: Mid-Year Check-In

Hey, mama… how is 2022 going so far? In January, I gave you a little homework (the teacher in me will never die) to choose a word that would guide your year. Today is a great time to check in and reflect now that we’ve just passed the halfway mark of 2022. So grab a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice, sit in a quiet spot, and take a deep breath.

As you recall your word of the year, I want you to think about moments in the last six months where you embodied that word or how your word aided decision making. Jot down your thoughts on a clean sheet of paper. I want you to also think of moments where maybe you didn’t live up to that word — and why. It’s very easy for us to beat up on ourselves when we don’t meet an expectation or fall short of a goal. My challenge to you is to use these two lists as data. Not as good data or bad data, but rather information to help inform future action. Both lists provide useful information.

As you process the moments you’ve listed, think about what’s next. Has life shifted so that you might need to choose a different word of the year that is more appropriate? Do you notice any habits or routines you must adopt or break to stay true to your word? Are there boundaries you must set? Is there room to challenge yourself even more to reach new heights? If you didn’t attempt the word of the year in January, are you ready to try it out for yourself to close out the year?

There is so much going on in the world today. Life throws so many curveballs. One thing we can control is how to show up in the world. With grace and self-love, we can always strive to be the best versions of ourselves in this very moment.

So, mama, how do you want to show up in the second half of 2022?

Darcel Hunt-Finegold is a wife, mother, and life-long Bostonian. Her life passions are education and fitness. She is a proponent of public education and works as a high school teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Darcel's own personal health journey inspired her to earn a personal training and group fitness certification as well as create her brand, “Living the QuoBreaking Life.” She encourages women to step out of their comfort zone to create life by their design via mindset and fitness. Darcel loves to run, hike, cook brunch, and discover new places in the New England area with her daughter, husband, and Pomeranian, Brady.


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