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Flowers are in bloom in the Boston area! Their beauty is abundant nearly everywhere you look! If you are looking for the perfect photo opportunity, a beautiful decoration for your home, or the chance to surprise someone you love with a gorgeous hand-picked bouquet, head on out to one of Boston Moms’ favorite pick-your-own flower farms! 

Colby Farm

50 Scotland Road, Newbury :: (978) 465-8818

If you are looking for the perfect photo opportunity, here it is! The sunflower fields at Colby Farm peak each August, and they are nothing short of extraordinary! While you cannot pick the sunflowers, there are plenty of other things you can “pick up” at Colby Farmstand. Check out their produce, pork and beef products, delicious baked goods, and local dairy products. And don’t forget to save room for ice cream!  

Langwater Farm

209 Washington Street, North Easton ::  (508) 205-9665

Langwater Farm is a family-run business on 80 acres of land. In addition to offering beautiful tulips and seasonal flowers for picking, they offer a wide variety of freshly picked, certified organic fruits and vegetables! Visit the farm stand to buy vegetable plants for home growing, honey from local bee keepers, locally made maple syrup, and marinara sauce and diced tomatoes made from Langwater Farm’s very own award-winning tomatoes.

Cross Street Flower Farm

4 Jacobs Lane, Norwell 

This beautiful flower farm sits on seven acres of land in Norwell. Not only can you choose from a gorgeous array of fresh flowers, you can also participate in a variety of flower-themed workshops, including grow-your-own instruction and floral design! You can also participate in a flower share CSA to keep the fresh blooms coming all season long! 

Cordelia’s Farm

228 Pleasant Street, Berlin ::  (978) 838-2942

Formerly known as Indian Head Farm, Cordelia’s is a working farm, owned by the same family for the past 175 years! Guests are invited to pick their own flowers from mid-July to mid-October of each year (though they must bring their own scissors and picking buckets during the 2021 season due to COVID-19 guidelines). Cordelia’s also has an expansive array of beautiful flowers, planters, and hanging baskets available in their greenhouse! 

Land’s Sake Farm

90 Wellesley Street, Weston :: (781) 893-1162

Over 100 varieties of flowers and fillers are grown at Land’s Sake Farm! Enjoy a relaxing day picking flowers from their bountiful gardens from mid-June through early-October, or join their flower CSA to receive fresh bouquets all season long!

Small Farm

184 Gleasondale Road, Stow 

Aptly named, Small Farm is, in fact, a small farm in Stow! In addition to a yearly plant sale, their pick-your-own flower fields open in mid-July and give guests the opportunity to create their own gorgeous bouquets! All are invited to visit and stay around whenever the farm stand is open. The Stow Conversation Trust maintains a short walking trail around the farm as well.

Nicewicz Family Farm

116 Sawyer Road, Bolton :: (978) 779-6423

Growing more than 100 varieties, it is no surprise that peonies are the stars of the show at Nicewicz Family Farm in late May and June! August and September bring a wide variety of other seasonal flowers, including dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, snapdragons, and straw flowers.

Golden Hour Tulip Farm

5 Myricks Street, Lakeville 

Open in late April and early May for more than 200,000 tulip blooms, Golden Hour Tulip Farm transforms to the sunshiney face of a sunflower farm in late summer! Photography is more than welcome, so be ready to catch that perfect shot among the blooms!

Lanni Orchard

294 Chase Road, Lunenburg :: (978) 582-6246

The Lanni Orchard Sunflower Festival in late August is nothing short of an experience! Wander the fields of sunflowers, take some gorgeous keepsake pictures, and take home a few beautiful blooms as a souvenir. Don’t forget to visit the farm stand and the orchards while you are there!  

Parlee Farms

95 Farwell Road, Tyngsboro :: (978) 649-3854

In addition to their popular pick-your-own fruit orchards, Parlee Farms also offers cut-your-own flowers and fresh-picked flowers! From late July through early October, guests can view nearly three acres of gorgeous blossoms, including 10 shades of zinnias, many different shades of gorgeous dahlias and gladiolus, and five different varieties of sunflowers! Don’t forget to stop and visit the animals at Annie’s Animal Barns while you are there!

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flower farms - Boston Moms Blog
Flowers are in bloom in the Boston area — their beauty is abundant everywhere you look! If you're searching for the perfect photo opportunity, a beautiful decoration for your home, or the chance to surprise someone you love with a gorgeous hand-picked bouquet, head to one of Boston Moms' favorite pick-your-own flower farms! Langwater Farm 209 Washington Street, North Easton ::...
As much as I intend to bundle up and brave the winter weather, most of our family activities were indoors for the last several months. Spring is the season of renewal, and being out in nature after my months-long hibernation is refreshing. As soon as the weather shows any inkling that spring has arrived, we’re heading out the door...
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