I am a horrible Bostonian — I hate winter. I do not want to ski. I do not want to skate on Frog Pond. If it never snowed again, that would be perfectly fine with me. From December to...
After hiring a realtor, we decided on Acton. Most importantly, the price was right, the schools and sports were great, and it had a commuter rail station.
Boston Moms says it's time to eat your veggies! Picking out your own farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and supporting local growers is a win/win scenario! Farmers markets can be found in cities and towns all over the Boston area. Here...

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5 After-School Kids Activities That Aren’t Sports

I am a mom to five children who are always looking for “stuff” to do. Our time after school is now chock full of...
Male High School Student Talking To School Counselor By Lockers

Thank a School Counselor