Soulcycle and Sweetgreen Mom’s Night Out!

Tuesday night a few of us lucky mamas were able to sneak out to give SoulCycle in Chestnut Hill a try, followed by dinner at sweetgreen. What an experience!

IMG_4043First was class at SoulCycle. We attended the 7:30pm session, which is one of the quieter offerings. The staff was friendly, willing to help all of us newbies check-in. You are assigned a specific bike for class. Cycling shoes are required for class, but you are able to rent shoes if  you do not own a pair ($3 fee, also not all cycling shoes fit their bikes, FYI). After checking-in, there is a small locker room area to stow your wallet, etc. when working out. There are also a couple showers available which you would need if you were heading to the office or somewhere important after class.


IMG_4051Once the previous class cleared out of the studio we were able to take our places. The instructor helped us set-up our bikes and get acclimated. Class started right on time and there are only a couple rules: no cell phones and no talking. The music is fast and loud, really helping you get into the zone. Our instructor, Tim, got right to it, cranking up the resistance on our bikes. SoulCycle is different than typical cycling classes as it is a total body workout. At any given moment you are doing push-ups or ab work while pedaling along. The bikes are also equipped with dumbells for arm work. The weights are 1, 2 or 5 lb dumbells depending on your fitness level and the focus is on technique and repetitions, not on the weight itself. Tim jumped off the bike at different times to pump-up the class, dance, and cheer us on. The class flew by and I was dripping sweat by the end, but that’s the goal right?



The only negative thing about SoulCycle is the price, $20 for your first ride and $30 for every ride thereafter. There are multi class passes that make it a bit cheaper if you plan on going frequently. I hope to make it back to SoulCycle to supplement my regular workout schedule. That is, once I can walk again! There is also a super cute boutique on the premises that carries workout gear as well if you have some extra cash to spend.






sweetgreenNext we were welcomed into sweetgreen with open arms. They were prepared for a hungry group and they had a mix of their signature salads ready for us to devour. Again, they did not disappoint. The salads were fantastic! There was a line, but it moved quickly and they catered to every appetite. The salads are filling and healthy, a perfect combo. I will definitely head back there with the kids. Thanks to sweetgreen and SoulCycle for an amazing Mom’s Night Out!