Snow Day Fun!

Oh the weather outside is frightful and the Boston winters are long!  So what is a Mama to do when the kids can’t go outside to play?  Kids have short attention spans so it is good to have a rotating list of activities to have on hand for snow days.

Bring the Snow In

snow day pic

One of my favorites is bringing the weather inside!  Grab a tray or bowl and fill it up with snow-the cleaner the better since it is all too tempting to eat!  Clear off the kitchen table or counter and let the kids decide what toys they want to add.  Bath toys can become snow toys in the blink of an eye.  Make a snow tea party.  Drive the cars in the snow and recreate the mayhem that blizzard driving creates!

Hide toys in the pile of snow on your tray.  Think of it as a wintery hide and seek/treasure hunt!  But make sure the kiddos wear their mittens during this activity.  Let them choose what they want to hide and this game could go on for a long time!

Get the water color paints out.  Paint the snow!  Food coloring works as well, but it tends to stain little hands a bit more.

Snow and cookie cutters-you bet!  Pack it down and make special cookies that you can preserve in the freezer.

Make some snow cream!  Just like homemade ice cream, but it uses the freshly fallen snow.  Here is a recipe for snow ice cream.


Make a fort!  Grab the couch pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and a flashlight.  Pretend it is an igloo and you have to spend the night during a winter storm.


And when you complete all of these activities, make some cookies and hot cocoa.  Enjoy the time together because all too soon it will melt away!