Put Boudoir Photos on Your Bucket List

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Melissa Luella captures a strap-fixing moment between shots that ends up being one of my favorites.

Yesterday I got (almost) naked in front of a camera — sorry, Dad. It’s something I never thought I’d do, but I’m so happy I did. And I’m not even a little bit ashamed.

Here’s the thing: I love my body. It took a long time to get here, but finally, at thirty-*mumblegrumble,* I’ve come to a place where I accept my body for all its flaws and all its magnificence. It brought two babies into this world, and hot damn, that’s pretty amazing. Yes, I have some cellulite and some stretch marks. My breasts show signs of sustaining two lives over years. My belly button is “extra roomy.” But I’ve come to terms with this stuff, and I’m just proud of what this body can do, and — yes — what it looks like.

Ladies, our bodies are amazing and deserve to be celebrated. So, when I heard about the opportunity to try out elite boudoir photographer Melissa Luella’s new Boston studio, I jumped at the chance to capture how I feel about my body right now. I was a little nervous going in, but I want to share a few reasons why you should book a boudoir session, even if you’re a little tentative, like I was.

You’re only young once

It’s hard to believe, but God willing, you’ll be 80 one day. Have you ever looked at gorgeous photos of your grandmother when she was young and drooled over how beautiful and full of life she was? And did you experience a deep feeling of gratitude for her life, and a new connection with her because she was your age once? You want your kids and grandkids to have that too. Boudoir photos aren’t all hypersexual. Some are just calm, relaxed, and beautiful. And those are ones your kids will be grateful for one day.


Reconnect (or stay connected) with your sexuality

Kids are so good at making you feel unsexy. If you’re like me, you’ve probably felt at times like your body is just a vessel to birth and support children. But ladies, it’s not. It’s not. Boudoir is a great way to crawl out of the feeling of being overrun by your children, and connect with your body in a sensual way.


Celebrate your accomplishments

Did you lose some baby weight? Did you breastfeed when you thought you couldn’t? Did you manage to recover from a C-section even though you had a 2-year-old running around demanding attention? Are you done having kids? Are you about to embark on the journey of motherhood for the first time? It’s important to take a moment to celebrate these achievements and milestones. They may not seem like a big deal now, but these are moments in time that you’ll remember for a long time.



The makeup artist on set at Melissa’s studio is a real magician, and Melissa made me feel so beautiful during the shoot. She gave amazing advice on how to pose, and advice on which lingerie would work best to help me look great. Seeing photos of myself looking gorgeous and sexy made me realize what my partner sees when he looks at me, and that’s a really good feeling.


It’s not as awkward as you think it is

Melissa was so sweet and easy-going. I felt right at home with her. She was alternately discreet and professional, and warm and confidence-building. Her sense of what I needed at which moment was astounding. Her studio is cozy and beautiful and makes it easy to feel comfortable.


Let your partner know you love him or her

A boudoir session is really special because it’s an intensely intimate and private gift. It’s hard to make time for a romantic relationship with your partner when kids are in the mix. This is a great way to say, “I see you. I’m still nuts for you. You turn me on.”