Meet a Boston Mom :: Priya Lane of BizGrow at Lawyers for Civil Rights Boston

Meet Priya Lane, director of BizGrow at Lawyers for Civil Rights Boston!

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Meet a Mom: Priya Lane

Boston Moms is proud to feature Priya Lane for this “Meet a Boston Mom Monday!” Priya is a mom of one and the director of BizGrow at Lawyers for Civil Rights Boston. Join us in celebrating Priya and the important contributions she makes at home and at work!

We asked Priya to share a bit about herself. Get to know her here!

Full name: Priya Lane 
Occupation: BizGrow director at Lawyers for Civil Rights
Children: Kareena, 2
Hometown: England, Singapore, and now Massachusetts! 
How have the different places you’ve lived inspired you on your parenting journey? All the places I’ve lived have really instilled in me the importance of understanding other cultures and have given me the ability to empathize and relate to people who are different from me. It really impacts my work at LCR and my ability to connect to our client communities; it also dictates the priorities I have while raising my daughter. I try to emphasize diversity in everything we do — the books we read, the food we eat, and our school community.
Favorite local restaurant: Fresh Food Generation 
Favorite local business or brand: Sweet Teez Bakery 
Tell us a bit about your work/job: We help minority-, immigrant-, and women-owned small businesses start and navigate the legal complexities of their business — for free. I love my job! It is so rewarding to be able to work with inspiring small business owners all day, and hopefully I’m teaching my daughter that with hard work she can make her dreams come true.  
What is the one thing that surprised you the most about motherhood? How quickly you can make time in your life where you didn’t think you had any, and how time seems to go both slowly and quickly at the same time. 
What is one piece of advice you’d offer another working mom? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help or feel guilty admitting you need it. Making sure everyone has the support they need is always going to be healthier for your entire family!
What is one way you take care of yourself? I love to read, do yoga, and get takeout when I don’t feel like cooking.  
What other women inspire you? My mother and my mother-in-law, who dedicate so much of their time and effort to making sure that my family is happy and taken care of! 

You can read more about Priya Lane here, and find LCR Boston on Facebook and Twitter. You can also donate to their cause here

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Chelsey is a Massachusetts girl through and through and currently resides on the North Shore on the New Hampshire line. In her former life, before motherhood, she was a teacher in a local high school, but now she's a stay at home mom who mostly cares for her child with special needs. She finds motherhood to be the hardest job she's ever loved and is very passionate about advocating for and educating people about neurodiverse children that may or may not also have physical or intellectual disabilities. In her "spare time" (which happens almost never) she likes to make hair bows, obsess about Disney, quilt, cook things that aren't dinosaur chicken nuggets and pretend she's good at taking artistic pictures.