Boston Ballet’s Shades of Sound

Solomon and I were provided (excellent) seats to the Boston Ballet’s newest show.  However, all opinions are strictly my own.

I love the ballet.  Maybe it’s because I have absolutely no grace, or maybe it’s because it is just so darn beautiful.  In fact, not only do I follow the Ballet on Instragram, I follow several of the dancers (Lia Cirio is incredible).  Either way, any chance I get to go to the Boston Ballet, whether it is a classical or contemporary piece, I jump at.  So when the Boston Ballet asked if I would like to attend their newest show, Shades of Sound, I was ecstatic.  Then Solomon asked if he could come with me, which completely shocked me as he has never expressed interest in the ballet.

Shades of Sound is the first in the  Ballet’s 3 part Perception series, a “spring season of three thrilling performances to awaken the senses.”  It featured 3 works with music ranging from Tchaikovsky to the White Stripes.


The show started and my jaw basically dropped to the floor.  I didn’t even know the human body was capable of the moves in this work.  This piece alone could change anyone’s perception of what ballet is-Solomon leaned over to me within the first 5 minutes and said “Wow, this is so cool.  Not what I thought the ballet would be.”  It features a simple, clean set and basic costumes but this performance is anything but.  While I didn’t quite understand the message it may have been trying to get across (maybe because I was frantically trying to watch everyone), I did enjoy the pure athleticism and beauty of this performance.

Boston Ballet


Of the three works, this was honestly my least favorite.  I enjoyed parts of it, but overall found it to be a little slow.  The choreography was amazing, and I loved the black and white look and feel of the whole thing, I just wasn’t as engaged as I was with Chroma.  The dancing itself was incredible and beautiful.

Boston Ballet

Black Cake

Black Cake was by far my favorite.  It was incredibly fun and funny, and probably the piece that made my husband love the ballet.  It’s the story of 6 high society couples at a party.  They dance, they flirt, they drink and the joke.  This is full of sexual tension, drama (the ladies all show up in similar dresses) and of course, love.  Or at the very least lust.  This was quick, fun and funny and literally had us on the edge of our seats laughing out loud.

Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet’s Shades of Sound is at the Opera House until March 29.  Edge of Vision begins April 30.


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