Introducing New England’s First Passive House Remodel

Interested in sustainable or eco-friendly design? You’ll want to see this!

Somerville, Massachusetts: home of Marshmallow Fluff and ALSO home to the very first Passive House remodel in New England.

Our partners at NEDC have offered us their expertise in all things DesignBuild, shared with us the principals behind Passive House design, and even introduced us to Tim Finn, the homeowner of NEDC’s current Passive House project. Boston Moms is excited to see this incredible project all in action.

What you’ll see in this video is a behind the scenes view of a 2 1/2 story two-dwelling home that is being converted back to a single family home. The homeowner has a heart for sustainability and has chosen a Passive House approach, which is sure to become the gold standard of sustainable design.

Within these walls are systems and technology which will ensure that the house is a net-0 home, consuming 90% less energy than its neighbors. Watch the video below to learn more if you are interested in sustainable or eco-friendly design!


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