A Luxury Virtual Bra Fitting with Peach

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Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored. However, we would not promote or work with a business we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers.

For far too long, my bra-shopping experience has looked a lot like this:

1) enter department store,
2) seek out woman with tape measure around her neck,
3) try on a few styles/sizes,
4) leave with something that looks and feels good enough,
5) days later, find myself tugging and pulling and *ahem* “adjusting.”

Well, after my recent virtual bra fitting with Trish at Peach, I am ready to change my ways!

From the comfort of my home (while my little one was napping), Trish and I scheduled a 20-minute virtual on-demand fitting to find the perfect bra for my body. It was so easy to schedule, and I loved getting the service without bringing someone I didn’t know into my home. It was fun, easy, and — without the inevitable screaming toddler smushing crackers into the dressing room floor — left me feeling pampered!

p012_NAT_captivating demiWhat is Peach?

Peach is a social commerce company dedicated to its mission to inspire women to feel beautiful by providing bras, panties, and basics that fit, flatter, and feel fantastic. They use a patented 10-point measuring system in order to ensure you get the perfect fit. In addition to bras and panties, they have a range of other wonderful products to “fill your top two drawers.” They focus on providing the beautiful basics — not high fashion, but not throw-away fashion. What they offer will help you feel lovely every day!

Peach offers in-person or virtual fittings. You can do either of these one-on-one or with a friend or family member!

The experience

  • The setup: First, you’ll contact Trish to set a time for your virtual fitting. If you don’t have a measuring tape, Peach will send you one so you’re ready to go. Remember, you can have your fitting on your own, or you can include a friend!
  • The call: You’ll wear your least padded bra — and a tank over it, if you’re more comfortable. The call starts with a survey about what you want in a bra — lift, volume… you want it, they’ll take care of it! Then, you’ll get to the fitting. Trish expertly walked me through it all. (Any part of me that felt a little awkward being in my bra on my computer screen felt completely at ease with Trish’s kind and lighthearted demeanor!) Next, she’ll show you a few beautiful bras that she thinks will fit your needs, and you choose which you want to try. Your measurements are run through the Peach algorithm, then…
  • Ding dong! Your package arrives: Here, you have two options. You can schedule a five-minute call with Trish to try the different bras on so she can verify the fit. Or, you can walk through the handy dandy, easy-to-follow guide to finding your perfect fit that comes in the box. Ship back the others, and Peach saves your fit profile for you.

P106B_NAV_PEACH_0509_3But wait, there’s more!

  • Did you know that regularly worn bras (yes, that one nude one and that other black one you wear every day) should be replaced every six months?! It’s true! Peach has you covered. Remember I mentioned they save your fit info? Well, they offer a loyalty program! You can opt to automatically receive a package every 3, 6, or 12 months at 10% off — and free shipping. And if there is anything else you want to add to your shopping cart (a couple pairs of super-comfy-sexy panties, cozy hoodie), your discount extends to those products as well.
  • Peach is a rapidly growing company, and they are currently looking for more stylists! After virtually hanging with Trish, I know this would be such a fun opportunity for anyone looking to work from home, helping women feel like their best selves!
  • To learn more about their in-person fittings, check out Lynzi’s post about her Peach experience.
  • The best news yet! Ready?! The first five Boston Moms Blog readers to schedule a virtual fitting and purchase during the month of April will receive a free Simply Soft Panty of their choice from Trish as a thank you for meeting Peach online! Get the ball rolling and email Trish ASAP!

I loved my experience with Peach! I received the demi bra, and it really is a perfect fit — not to mention, my boobs look better in it than they have looked since I can remember! I also couldn’t help myself and bought this wonderful bralette that is insanely comfortable, cute, and versatile (think convertible to racer-back, works for expanding rib cage and growing girls in pregnancy, easy to lift up for nursing — amazing)!

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new bra, mama? If it’s been a while, what has kept you from it? Let us know in the comments below!