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coffee shops in Boston - Boston Moms Blog

Your Guide to Hipster Coffee Shops in Boston

We're at an all-time low in the mainstream coffee world. Unicorn frappuccino, anyone? What is the world coming to? And who had the misfortune of having to write that press release? When we moved into our first...
newborn photos - Boston Moms Blog

Miss Z Photography Maternity and Newborn Sessions :: Take the Plunge!

I jumped at the chance to have maternity and newborn photos taken. Whatever type of maternity or newborn photos you want, Miss Z will make it happen.
birthday - Boston Moms Blog

Getting Off the Birthday Factory Bandwagon

What's a mom to do? Kindergarten has introduced a whole new level of birthday complexity into the mix. A worrying trend has appeared. I call it... the birthday factory. It is the antithesis of...
aggressive play - Boston Moms Blog

Raising Boys :: Saying No to Aggressive Play

I'm raising a gentleman. This has always been my mantra. Raising a son to me is a heavier responsibility than raising a daughter. I often hear the opposite from friends who insist that raising...
screen time - Boston Moms Blog

iPhones at the Restaurant :: Yea or Nay?

A few weekends ago our family ended the day at a local pizza place and enjoyed a great dinner together. The restaurant was nice enough to provide the kids with pizza dough to play...

Kids’ Art :: How to Deal With the Deluge

My kids are still young, but despite their age they are both quite prolific with their artistic output. For some time I relied on our fridge to be the proud displayer of art. And...
geriatric pregnancy - Boston Moms Blog

Rocking the Geriatric Pregnancy :: Having a Baby at Age 40

It is the eve of my 40th birthday. I've never felt better. I feel comfortable in my skin. I'm happy. With age truly does come a certain knowledge of the world and my place...
packing school lunches - Boston Moms Blog

Take the Dread Out of Packing School Lunches

That time is nearing. You know the one. Not only will you have to tighten up the kids' schedules after a lax summer break, but to add insult to injury, you'll be forced to...
cargo bikes - Boston Moms Blog

Cargo Bikes Are the New Minivan

Anyone who has sat in Boston traffic for any length of time has probably pondered alternate transport. But transporting the entire family on bike? Is it even possible? Of course! Why not cycle?! Drop-off could be...
teaching kids about religion - Boston Moms Blog

Teaching Kids About Religion :: For the Secular Parent

When my son asked me where babies come from, I hesitated only for a second and proceeded to tell him exactly where they come from. He hasn't yet asked how babies are made, but when...
patience - Boston Moms Blog

Dig Deep — You’ll Find Your Patience There

It was about a year ago that I believe I was the worst version of myself. As a mother, as a person. I had just moved to this wonderful city of ours and was...
motherhood - Boston Moms Blog

The Kind of Mom I Want to Be

We write about motherhood over and over and over again, and somehow it never gets old. So many perspectives, so many stories. We hold each other up. We cheer each other on. Women at...