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Morgan came to Boston via New Jersey for college and law school and never left. She married her college sweetheart, Solomon, in October 2007. After years of trying to find themselves, they added three beautiful and energetic children, Aaron (October 2010), Olivia (June 2013), and Jesse (May 2016) to the family. They also have brother and sister miniature schnauzers, Rufio and Gracie. They live in Brookline and love city living.  Morgan is also a travel planner at Whitney World Travel and loves helping her clients find the perfect vacation for them. Loves: Exploring Boston, traveling, trying new restaurants, all things Disney, dive bars, blanco tequila, cooking elaborate meals, black coffee, dry red wine, working out, watching mindless movies (and quoting them) and getting lost in a good book. Can't Stand: when people snap their gum, cigarettes, loud chewing noises, cleaning floors and snakes.
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Tips to Take Care of Yourself During a Global Pandemic

Things are uncertain and scary right now. There's no way to know when life will return to normal — when we'll all look back on this time and say "remember when." But there are certainly some silver linings to it all. We're slowing down and really focusing on family time. We're doing everything we can to make sure things are relatively calm as we set new routines for our kids. If you're anything like me, you're also using this time for yourself as best as you can. It's easy to get wrapped up in what our kids need most, but we can't forget to take care of ourselves right now. Because, as we all know, you can't pour from an empty cup. So here are a few suggestions for how to take care of yourself amidst the craziness.
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We Broke the Rules

Tonight, we broke the rules. It had to be done to save my sanity. And the world didn't end. The rule is no TV on school days. It's not up for debate. But tonight, it all...
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On Being an Adult With Food Allergies

I can't help that I have food allergies and my stomach doesn't jive with everything I want to eat. But to make someone feel bad for something that they can't control? Nope. That's not OK.

Hit a Homerun With the All Suites Brand

In addition to packing many bodies and all their STUFF into a room, traveling for sports comes with a whole lot of hurdles. Having enough space for everyone, feeding the team, stinky uniforms, finding space for team meetings, and making sure everyone is happy are just a few things that come to mind. I've been a fan of the All Suites brand by Hilton hotels for a long time because they are perfect for a big group.
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10 Mom Must-Haves From the Dollar Store

Look, sometimes bribery works. And I'm not above using a toy or two to get my kids to behave. At the dollar store, I don't mind getting them something — knowing it may break or get lost — if it ensures I get well-behaved children at the supermarket. It's a win for everyone!
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How I Glow :: My First HydraFacial

What did I think? My skin felt soft and looked so much brighter. I also found it wasn't drinking up moisturizer like before. When I put on makeup a few days later for an event, it went on smoother than normal and stayed put! Other people noticed, too. My husband commented that I was looking so bright the next day. When I replied that I was wearing all black, he said I almost seemed to be glowing. It was the HydraFacial!

Are You the Next Boston Moms Blog Owner?

We are a team of women who care about parenting, the Boston area and beyond, and sharing our hearts and knowledge with you. And we are actively looking for new voices to take the reigns of Boston Moms Blog.
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Easy Ways for Moms to De-Stress

It's imperative that we take care of ourselves and seek a little calm in the storm. Sometimes the simplest things can really help us de-stress and feel just a little bit better as we face the day and all the constant demands of motherhood.
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Childcare for Nurturing Early Learners :: Bright Horizons

As a mom of three who works from home, finding people who can take care of my children in a way that makes us all feel safe and secure is crucial. As parents, we all want to find a place with people who love and support our children and encourage them to be their best in a nurturing environment. I've always believed a childcare facility that encourages children to learn the best way they can is the way to go.
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Pre-K Sports That Work for You and Your Child

Not all pre-K athletics are the same, but with more and more programs being offered across a variety of sports, how do you choose the class that’s right for your child? It’s probably safe to assume most parents aren’t setting their sights on raising a future professional athlete; rather, they're looking for ways to keep their little ones active, social, and engaged. For parents who want to get their children moving and set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, look no further than Super Soccer Stars!
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Take Care of Mom :: My Staycation Alone

I've found that as a mom, I desperately need my alone time to decompress. Time completely and totally by myself to come back to me, to feel refreshed, and to be a better mom, wife, and person. So about once a year I go to a local hotel and spend a night all by myself — a solo staycation. Just me, a king size bed, a TV all to myself, and room service.
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5 Hacks to Help New Moms Sleep Harder

Sleep. It's something every parent dreams of. It's consistently inconsistent, but it's crucial. What can you do to make sure you are getting good sleep?