Jessie Keppeler

A Maine native, Jessie migrated down the coast to Boston after college, and it’s been home ever since. In this great city, Jessie met her husband, graduated law school, played in numerous basketball leagues, worked as a marketing writer, ran the marathon, lived through several home renovations, and wrote many beginnings of many books. But of all these great adventures, she most loves the one she’s on now: on-the-go-mom to three energetic and hilarious daughters. Jessie, her husband, and their trio of little ladies live in Brookline.
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8 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They’re 8 (That You Might Otherwise Forget)

Don't be like me. Don't wake up in a cold sweat and realize you haven't introduced your toddler to the swimming pool or taught your 7-year-old to tie her shoes. Now that I have...

Halloween Happenings :: Trick-or-Treating at Boston Businesses

Maybe trick-or-treating in your neighborhood on Halloween night doesn't work for your little ones. Or maybe your kiddos want extra chances for trick-or-treating this year! Fortunately, you can head to a variety of safe,...
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Halloween Happenings :: Trick-or-Treating in Boston Neighborhoods

From Beacon Hill to Brookline and beyond, there are so many amazing Boston-area neighborhoods that are perfect for your traditional trick-or-treating — the kind that brings neighbors together by the dozens, by the hundreds,...
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To Gray or Not to Gray

But one thing that’s not so great about 40 is gray hair. Unless you’re blessed with fantastic genes or beautiful blonde hair (where a gray might just politely disappear into the shiny yellow), you may also find yourself in this situation one day. I, too, was once a blonde (ahem, when I was 3) but my hair has grown progressively darker over the years so that it’s close to black today. And boy, do grays show up in close-to-black hair. My hairline is suddenly a serious ‘50 shades of gray’ situation, and not the sexy kind.
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Call to Order :: The Family Meeting

As soon as your kids are preschool age, consider calling to order a Family Meeting. It’s a way to give everyone in the family a voice (and to take those little voices seriously), to practice democracy, and to show that we’re part of a team with common goals. And, it’s — yet again — a way to slow down and touch base with one another.
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Love, at the Kitchen Island

Our love isn’t a palm-fringed beach, Or to the moon and back, It’s not a fine dining restaurant, Or a romantic film, all white and black. Our love is at the kitchen island.
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Do Something Epic With Your Kids (Or What I Learned by Reading Harry Potter...

Recently, a few days before my daughter’s ninth birthday, we finished reading the final book in the 'Harry Potter' series. And in the process, we learned a lot. More than just about thestrals and hippogriffs. I’m talking about the kind of stuff one learns when they embark upon an epic project over days, months, or even years. Think a large-scale LEGO creation, a 2,000 piece puzzle, or a fitness chart tracking one-mile runs with an end goal of 100.
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Syncing Up Schedules :: Boston-Area Classes for Siblings

Finding Boston-area classes that accommodate different age groups — or a facility that offers classes to different age groups at the same time — is no easy feat. Especially if your kids, like mine, are more than one or two years apart. But there are a few such gems out there, and with a bit of effort and ingenuity (and some diagramming of complex flowcharts), you, too, can sync up classes for your kids.
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Moms’ Night Out — Gone Wrong

Maybe I’m too old for this kind of thing. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right head space to watch two men pantomiming having their way with one woman. Maybe it was because I couldn’t stop thinking of Dr. Ford, and how her bravery has reminded us all that we deserve some respect. I can’t stop thinking about that. Let’s not.
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The Family Motto — and Why You Need One

I like the idea that my family can choose something that’s important to us and make it part of our fabric, our story. When you’ve heard a family motto said over and over, those are the words that pop into your head when faced with an obstacle or in the midst of a dark day. Those are the words that guide you on your path — or help you get back on it. When your family can’t be right there with you, their words are.

Dear Parents Hosting My Kids’ Playdates: Do You Keep Guns in the House?

It starts at home: One out of three homes with children have guns. And 80% of unintentional firearm deaths of children under 15 occur in a home.
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Why My Nursing Without a Cover Isn’t a Political Statement

Since this is World Breastfeeding Week, let’s take a moment to reflect that in other parts of the world, nursing without a cover wouldn’t even be a debate.