Jacquelyn Eckmann

Jacquelyn (Jakki) is a Texas native who made the Greater Boston area her home several years ago. Jakki is the founder of Social Betty, a social media management and consulting agency, and runs the company with her husband, Chris. She loves the flexibility that being self-employed gives her, and truly appreciates that she is able to attend mid-day school events for her children, Caleb (11), and Kennedy (6). A lover of the written word, music, and makeup, Jakki enjoys a good book, concerts at small venues, and discount shopping. Though life is busy for her family (overcommitting to extracurricular activities regularly), Jakki and her husband make it a point to get to the city and enjoy a ride on the T, a craft beer, and dinner at Legal Harborside or Boston Burger Co.- both with the kids and without.

Candlelight, Pageants, and Midnight Mass :: Christmas Eve Worship Services Around Boston

With holiday lights illuminating our neighborhoods and Christmas trees adorning many homes, it is evident there is an overwhelming feeling of holiday cheer. And just as the people that make up the city of...
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Why I’ll Always Take the T When I Go Into Boston With My Kids

When you take the T, you begin to understand Boston a little bit better — the accents, the layout of the city, the attitudes (good and bad!), and the overall culture. To a transplant, these things are pretty interesting. I mean, let’s be honest… we are still amazed with the accent.
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Why She Hates Fortnite: In the Words of a Boston Moms Blogger’s Husband

Now, in case you haven't heard, Fortnite is the latest video game craze. It is a first-person, battle-royale-style game that puts 100 people in real time on an island. The last one standing wins. Think of it as The Hunger Games without all the drama or blood. My son is really into it. And, to be honest, I am too. But my wife hates Fortnite. As do ALL the moms she talks to.
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Apple Orchards Less Traveled :: 12 Boston-Area Hidden Gems for Pick-Your-Own Fruit

After a couple years of visiting the mega apple orchards, we started to seek out smaller, less-traveled orchards in the Boston area. There. Are. TONS! Some of you may love the bigger venues; but for those who want something a little less grandiose this apple season, these lesser-known gems are for you!  
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I Fought to Hold My Child Back in Kindergarten… Here’s Why

I began to consider redshirting my son — having him enter kindergarten a year after he was “allowed.” But he was so ready to go that I sent him.
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FREE (or Cheap) Things to Do This Summer With Kids in MetroWest Boston

When your child begins to mutter, “Mom, I’m bored!” you'll know it's time to check out these free (or cheap) things to do in MetroWest Boston this summer.
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“Who Raised You?” A Tribute to My Parents’ Love

I started thinking… who did raise me? I thank my parents for their love, for their dedication, and for raising me in a way I am proud of.

Moving to Greater Boston :: Acton

After hiring a realtor, we decided on Acton. Most importantly, the price was right, the schools and sports were great, and it had a commuter rail station.

But I AM an Athlete :: Fighting the “Cheerleader” Stereotype

Growing up in Texas, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a cheerleader. After all, as the nation knows, Texas' "Friday night lights" culture is strong. And being part of...
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I Just Want a Sunday Funday… Sans Kids

Before I had kids, "Sunday Funday" wasn't really a thing. Sure, my friends and I might get together to go shopping or get lunch, but the whole avocado-toast-on-a-sun-drenched-patio-in-some-trendy-neighborhood-while-you-drink-bottomless-mimosas thing didn't come into play until well after...
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Frozen Milk and Bread :: A Story of Meal Planning and Bulk Grocery Shopping

Growing up, my parents were extremely conservative with their money. It wasn’t that they didn’t have much, it was just that they lived by Dave Ramsey’s mantra: “Live like no one does today so...
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Holidays 2,000 Miles From Family :: How We Created Our Own Thanksgiving Traditions

I love the holidays. Especially Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love the parties, I love the traditions, I love the feel of it all. But most of all, I love being with tons of...