Caitlin Hynes

Caitlin is Massachusetts townie, having moved only a half mile away from her childhood home in the suburbs after getting married. She met her husband Patrick during their freshman year of high school, though it was definitely not love at first sight (for either of them). The sparks flew four years later, after a couple other significant others and reconnecting after a year away at college. She has been married since fall of 2009 and became a mom to one tiny tornado of a boy in July 2014. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Education from Assumption College as well Master's degrees in School Counseling and Teaching Students with Severe Special Needs from Assumption and Fitchburg State. Despite solemnly swearing she'd never become a teacher, that's exactly what she did and currently works as a teacher for students with special needs ages 18-22, as well as advising her school's Best Buddies chapter. She comes from a loud, close-knit family and holds very strong opinions on ridiculous things, but tries to surround herself with people who appreciate her for it, or at least despite of it. Loves: Coffee, Diet Coke, random snuggles from her preschooler, Dairy Queen blizzards brought home for her by her husband. Hates: Inspirational Instagram pictures, traffic, folding laundry, random temper tantrums from her preschooler.
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The Double-Edged Sword of Joint Custody

I may not technically be choosing to be apart from him in this joint custody setup, but it sometimes feels like just a technicality, and there can be a sense that I shouldn't enjoy my time without my son. Then I feel guilty that my head is somewhere else and not with whoever I am spending time with. It can be exhausting. While it's nice to have time to get things done without a preschooler around, there's a sense of urgency to make sure everything I can get done is done so when I do have him, he is my sole focus. 
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Loss and Uncertainty :: A Fat Mom’s Swan Song One Year Later

If you break it down into the simplest terms, in the most basic way to understand, I have lost 130 pounds. For those of you who do better with visuals, that is 130 packages of butter. In the course of one year, I have lost the equivalent of an entire middle school boy.
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I Grew Up Not Knowing People with Special Needs — and I Want Different...

When we saw a student of mine at Target the day of the Super Bowl, my son LOVED comparing his Tom Brady shirt to my student's Patriots shirt. He saw what they had in common — not that she walks with a bit of an unsteady gait, doesn't always look at you while you speak to her, or that it can take a long time for her to get her words out.
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Kindergarten :: Now or Later?

From the time my 4-year-old son was an infant, my ex-husband and I were sure we wanted to wait until our son turned 6 before we'd start him in kindergarten. His birthday is at the end of July, so with an August 31 cutoff, he would be on the end of the spectrum in terms of age compared to other kids in his class. A girl with a September 1 birthday could potentially be leaps and bounds different from our son in terms of emotional and social development.
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Moms, Do Yourselves a Favor and Get Fitted for a Good Bra

When was the last time you bought yourself a new bra? Have you ever paid attention to how your bra fits? We moms ignore so many of our own needs sometimes!
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Why I Decided to Have My Son Evaluated for ADHD

Everyone joked about how my son was never going to do anything he didn't want to. Everyone was right. So we decided to seek a formal ADHD evaluation.
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Why Is Mom Self-Care SO Hard?

Self-care looks different for every man, woman, and child out there. And that's fine. But we moms need to make sure we are happy and rested and cared for.

Bedtime Is Terrible

My son fights sleep like his life depends on staying awake. He hates bedtime. And truth be told, I’m not a fan either.
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My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook Mom Groups

After a VERY long week in the hospital following a failed induction and urgent C-section, I brought my son home from the hospital at four days old. I hadn't been home for two hours...
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The Fat Mom’s Swan Song :: Thoughts Before My Weight-Loss Surgery

For as long as I can remember, I have been "the fat one." The fat friend, the fat sister, the fat daughter, the fat ____ (insert role/title here). Three or four times in my life, I...
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A Letter to Pregnant Me

Dear Pregnant Caitlin, Congratulations. This is it. The moment you've been dreaming of for years is finally here. After months of negative tests, happy pregnancy announcements from current and former friends, and one consolation tattoo, it's...
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Scoring “Adult” Points :: A Real-Life Game to Track Your Mom Sanity

I like to think my ability to "mom" exists on a spectrum — the "mom continuum." I have days where I feel like I have it all together. Lunches? Prepped. Laundry? Folded and put...